Caffè Poli - Là Deka decaffeinated espresso
Blister · a modo mio ®* Compatibles

Là Deka decaffeinated espresso

Recyclable cardboard box containing 10 individually packaged single-portion Mà Sweet pods compatible with A modo mio® machines: a
decaf espresso decaffeinated via natural CO2 processes and washing. Its blend contains the best varieties of Robusta and Arabica beans in the world, to offer you just the pleasure of coffee with no trace of caffeine.

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    *The brands Nespresso®, Dolce Gusto GUSTO®, A Modo Mio® e Caffitaly® they are not the property of Caffè Poli and there is no connection between Caffè Poli and the mentioned brands.
    The compatibility of these capsules is aimed at the use on the machines of the mentioned brands and does not replace the use of the respective original capsules.

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