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India Maysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee from the Bedouin

Packed in 100% recyclable cardboard bags, with a seal to preserve freshness, India Maysore Nuggets Extra Bold Coffee from the Bedouin is a washed coffee that grows at around 1,110-1,500m and belongs to the Arabica A variety. Note that it comes from India, Asia’s second-largest producer of coffee beans and the eighth largest producer in the world. India produces about 30% Arabica coffee and 70% Robusta coffee: the two botanical varieties are distinct and classified for washed or natural coffee and for the size of the bean

Sensory analysis: Aromatic floral
Variety: Arabica
Altitude: 1100-1500 m
Region: Bangalore, Maysore India
Harvest: Hand-picked
Processing: Washed

The history

India Plantation Mysore co ee is grown in the Indian region of Mysore, next to the pepper plantations. The aroma of Mysore has an essence of oriental perfumes with hints of incense, pepper, nutmeg and occasionally mint.
The co ee has a delicate taste of chocolate and Indian spices, with a touch of acidity. It is wet- treated (washed). Immediately after picking, the ripe drupes are separated from defective beans by soaking them in tubs that resemble pools. The selected drupes are fermented for around 24 hours in order to remove pulp and external mucilage and to naturally aromatise the actual co ee beans, thanks to the acids that are formed during this delicate process. Some of the food acids will contribute to the nal taste of the brewed co ee. The co ee bean is then cleaned and stripped of its parchment skin and quality-checked before it is put into bags to ensure the harvest is of the highest quality.
It is called “Bedouin co ee” because it was traditionally grown and sold to the Bedouins of the Arabian desert, drinkers of ne co ees that they have toasted and savoured in their oases since time immemorial. Due to logistic requirements, green Mysore Nuggets are packed in special 10 kg bags. This type of Arabica is one of the best in the world and is grown on the high hills of the city of Mysore, 150 Km from Bangalore, the capital of the Indian State of Karnataka. “Bedouin co ee” comes from the best plantations at the highest altitude at which co ee can be grown: 1700 m above sea levels. The co ee is harvested, sorted, selected and bagged entirely by hand. It is a washed Arabica, valued triple A, (AAA) which is rare for Indian co ees. It is medium-bodied, sweet and aromatic with hints of tobacco and cacao and a malt and hazelnut aftertaste.

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