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Kopi luwak

Packed in 100% recyclable cardboard bags, with a seal to preserve freshness, Tanzania Arabica AA “Top Quality” is a coffee of the Bourbon and Kent botanical variety. Processed in humid conditions, it is produced on the slopes of the NgoroNgoro crater in northern Tanzania, at an altitude of between 950m and 1,900m above sea level. Typically, the local vegetation with tall plants and large leaves – such as bananas – protect the precious plants from the sun’s rays. It is distinguished by its strong body and delicate acidity.

Sensory analysis: Cocoa, Roasted and Aromatic Herbs
Variety: Arabica
Altitude: 1500-2800 m
Region: Indonesia
Harvest: Hand-picked Processing: Washed

The history

The most extraordinary, talked-about and (on average) expensive co ee is grown in Indonesia by rather peculiar means and processes. The main islands involved in this type of processing are Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi. The coffee itself bears the name of its main producer: ‘Kopi’ translates as ‘coffee’, whereas ‘Luwak’ translates as ‘civet’, particularly Palm civet. The latter is a small carnivore animal similar to a wild Asian cat. Luwaks that are not grown in captivity naturally feed on co ee beans as well as small insects, small mammals, eggs and small-sized reptiles. Out of all these foods, the civet is unable to digest the inner core of coffee beans. This causes the enzymes to concentrate entirely on their outer layer, thereby eliminating every hint of bitterness and providing the beans with distinctive hints of chocolate and caramel as well as an unrivalled body. The foam is darkish in colour yet not greyish as in some Robusta coffees. The aroma is noticeably cocoa-like with smells of toast to the nose. The taste is noticeably full bodied with a distinctive hint of sweetness on the tip of the tongue.

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